Media Art @ TU Eindhoven | 2012

This is a design concept for the stage one, In The Park, of the ALICE project. ALICE project is conducted at the Designed Intelligence Group of the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The project chose six stages, each represents a chapter or part of the narrative of <Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland>, and built one of the world biggest mixed reality installation.

More background information please visit ALICE Installation


Chaining projected animation with physical actuation

In order to better embody the rabbit in the narrative, the stage one “In The Park” should be redesigned. This includes both computational and spatial design.

As shown the picture, three screens are installed in the stage, which separate the space and hide the rabbit hole. Images of natural environment will be projected on the screens. They can be still pictures or animations that simulate natural movement. The robotic rabbit is replaced by an animation of figure, which is projected on the screens as well. The figure of rabbit jumps from screen to screen thereby leads the visitor to the rabbit hole. During its jumping, physical bushes that placed between the screens will be actuated correspondently. Virtual movement is transformed into real movement.


A technical prototype of communicating animation and physical actuation was set up. An array of motors was deployed for generating actuation. The virtual and physical events were communicated through MPE library by Daniel Schiffman.


Full design proposal to >download<


implementeThis proposal is fully implemented in March 2012.