Design Work @ HfG Offenbach | 2009


“Gatherin” is a round table, which features a trash can in the center of the table surface. It serves for people working or dinning. The central trash can facilitates people cleaning the table surface, for the movement of cleaning switched from radiating to gathering. After cleaning, the trash can can be easily pulled out, emptied and plugged back in the table.

gatherin_02 gatherin_01 Jifei_0057 Jifei_0018 Jifei_0064

The original inspiration of the work “Gatherin” came from the semantic meaning of the word “Center”. It indicates at least two sorts of movement of communication: radiating and gathering. This indication became clearer in the case of a circle shape.


Under the idea of “radiating” and “gathering”, the table can be developed as a modular furniture system. More functional or semantic modules of center part can be designed to meet different needs or situation.