Design Work @ HfG Offenbach | 2009


Helmet_23 is an innovative structure for bicycle helmet. It provides a configurable structure as well as an asymmetric aesthetic of form. The macro-structure of the helmet can be defined in the design process through configuring the micro-structure, in order to protect the specific area on the head. By doing the configuration, an asymmetric form of the helmet is generated.

Bild 074


Three strips are attached from one’s head to the other one’s side. This creates a stable structure like triangle. This micro-structure can be expanded into a macro-structure, which enable itself to cover the surface of a sphere. Yet the shape of the head is certainly not a standard sphere. Through configuring the length of strip and the attaching points, the proportion of each micro-structure can be easily changed in order to fit the head.

Full design process to >download< (in German)

Helm23 01 prozess a

Helm23 02 prozess a

Helm23 03 prozess a

Helm23 04 prozess a

Helm23 05 modellbau

The main goal of “HELMET 23” is to develop an innovative structure of a helmet, which can be easily configured to fit the shape of the head. This work emphasizes on the structure of the product and the method of construction. The aspect of material is less considered.