Tools @ MIT Media Lab | 2016 | In collaboration with >Jannik Peters<

Uni_Vers is an integrated robotic routing platform for multipurpose digital fabrication. It includes the design, development and programming of a robotic platform that is able to receive different tools and to perform multiple tasks. The design focuses on stability, simplicity and expandability to achieve high quality results and the broadest possible spectrum of procedures. Provided electrical components offer easy access to integrate new tools, like the open source Smoothieboard which is used as the main pro- cessor board, as well as the wide variety of usable software. The robotic platform itself is composed of a high precision three axis linear motion system which consists of four ball screws with anti-backlash nuts and individual supporting guide rails. Customized parts provide links for additional tools and accessories, such as knifes, shields, UV lights, soldering guns and more. The servo motors of the system enable a closed-loop control and a high step resolution.